Russ Doucet

Chief Technology Officer

Russ Doucet has been working in Information Technology For over 25 years and has provided sought-after security expertise across Canada.


Russ Doucet

For over 25 years, Russ has been working in Information Technology, with over 15 years of focus on security appliances from single installs to entire retail chains, datacenters, and large government & education deployments.  Also, an accomplished trainer, Russ has delivered custom-developed as well as certified curriculum for various platforms for hundreds of security professionals over the years.

With multiple Fortinet Xtreme Team technical and MVP awards and the world’s first Fortinet partner NSE 8 certification, Russ has provided sought-after security expertise in the National Capital Region and beyond, including speaking engagements and expert testimony at Provincial and Superior Court, for many years. Russ is also an avid barbershop singer with the Capital City Chorus in Ottawa and holds a Bachelor in Computer Science.

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